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Lunchtype is a contemporary lunch-time design experiment updated irregularly on Steppot @Instagram around 13:00-14:00 (CET +01:00) o’clock daily during a #100daysproject in 2015. Learning from letters every lunch was the approach towards every post uploaded under the hashtag #lunchtype.

The project aim was to embody boredom from tasteless dishes and spiritless food. A wish to recreate uninspiring lunch hours through letters forms. To be inspired by the futile to design the most uninspiring typeface of all time.

Lunchtype is now a continuous typographic project. Whenever a boring lunch hour occurs, a letter form is created. Lunchtype now consists of 25 weeks of boring lunch, free for you to download and use.

— Change the website look in the header.
— Find out what to eat by clicking “Food” left.
— Try the typeface by clicking the bar “Try” right.
— Download in the bottom.

Until the next boring lunch hour, Guten Appetit!


SIL Open Font License - OFL (Free for Commercial Use)

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10 April, 2018

12 font files

Lunchtype22 Light style Lunchtype22 Light | TrueType | Lunchtype22-Light.ttf
Lunchtype22 Medium style Lunchtype22 Medium | TrueType | Lunchtype22-Medium.ttf
Lunchtype style Lunchtype | TrueType | Lunchtype22-Regular.ttf
Lunchtype23 Light Italic style Lunchtype23 Light Italic | TrueType | Lunchtype23-Light-Italic.ttf
Lunchtype23 Medium Italic style Lunchtype23 Medium Italic | TrueType | Lunchtype23-Medium-Italic.ttf
Lunchtype23 Italic style Lunchtype23 Italic | TrueType | Lunchtype23-Regular-Italic.ttf
Lunchtype24 Light Expanded style Lunchtype24 Light Expanded | TrueType | Lunchtype24-Light-Expanded.ttf
Lunchtype24 Medium Expanded style Lunchtype24 Medium Expanded | TrueType | Lunchtype24-Medium-Expanded.ttf
Lunchtype24 Expanded style Lunchtype24 Expanded | TrueType | Lunchtype24-Regular-Expanded.ttf
Lunchtype25 Light Condensed style Lunchtype25 Light Condensed | TrueType | Lunchtype25-Light_Condensed.ttf
Lunchtype25 Medium Condensed style Lunchtype25 Medium Condensed | TrueType | Lunchtype25-Medium-Condensed.ttf
Lunchtype25 Condensed style Lunchtype25 Condensed | TrueType | Lunchtype25-Regular_Condensed.ttf

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