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Vanchrome is a compact sans-serif headliner with chromatic layers. Create a layer in your design application, copy the layer, change the style, change the colors. Some applications such as Photoshop might need manual vertical alignment so cross-hair in the ◊ character position has been included. Due to the way Vanchrome’s bevel shading is designed, the Left and Right bevels should be placed under the Up and Down bevels. For a classic chrome effect, try the following order: Back, Front, Horizon, Ground, Sky, Left, Right, Up, Down, Grid (optional), Edge, Sparkle. Manually offset the back style to make a drop shadow. The Clear layer is designed to be used on its own or layered between Back and Sparkle layers. Greek and Cyrillic alphabets are included.

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17 March, 2018

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Vanchrome style Vanchrome | TrueType | vanchrome clear.ttf
Vanchrome Back style Vanchrome Back | TrueType | vanchrome back.ttf
Vanchrome Down style Vanchrome Down | TrueType | vanchrome down.ttf
Vanchrome Edge style Vanchrome Edge | TrueType | vanchrome edge.ttf
Vanchrome Front style Vanchrome Front | TrueType | vanchrome front.ttf
Vanchrome Grid style Vanchrome Grid | TrueType | vanchrome grid.ttf
Vanchrome Ground style Vanchrome Ground | TrueType | vanchrome ground.ttf
Vanchrome Horizon style Vanchrome Horizon | TrueType | vanchrome horizon.ttf
Vanchrome Left style Vanchrome Left | TrueType | vanchrome left.ttf
Vanchrome Outline style Vanchrome Outline | TrueType | vanchrome outline.ttf
Vanchrome Right style Vanchrome Right | TrueType | vanchrome right.ttf
Vanchrome Sky style Vanchrome Sky | TrueType | vanchrome sky.ttf
Vanchrome Sparkle style Vanchrome Sparkle | TrueType | vanchrome sparkle.ttf
Vanchrome Up style Vanchrome Up | TrueType | vanchrome up.ttf

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