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DIN 1451 is a sans-serif typeface that is widely used for traffic, administrative and technical applications. It was defined by the German standards body DIN - Deutsches Institut fur Normung (German Institute for Standardization) in the standard sheet DIN 1451-Schriften (typefaces) in 1931. Similar standards existed for stenciled letters.

Originally designed for industrial uses, the first DIN-type fonts were a simplified design that could be applied with limited technical difficulty. Due to the design’s legibility and uncomplicated, unadorned design, it has become popular for general purpose use in signage and display adaptations. Many adaptations and expansions of the original design have been released digitally.
[from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_1451]

Datto uses a DIN-font as primary corporate font and commissioned Monotype to create several styles, for internal use and to be open sourced under a SIL OFL v1.1 license.


SIL Open Font License - OFL (Free for Commercial Use)

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27 March, 2018

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D-DIN Bold style D-DIN Bold | TrueType | D-DIN-Bold.ttf
D-DIN Italic style D-DIN Italic | TrueType | D-DIN-Italic.ttf
D-DIN style D-DIN | TrueType | D-DIN.ttf
D-DIN Condensed Bold style D-DIN Condensed Bold | TrueType | D-DINCondensed-Bold.ttf
D-DIN Condensed style D-DIN Condensed | TrueType | D-DINCondensed.ttf
D-DIN Expanded Bold style D-DIN Expanded Bold | TrueType | D-DINExp-Bold.ttf
D-DIN Expanded Italic style D-DIN Expanded Italic | TrueType | D-DINExp-Italic.ttf
D-DIN Expanded style D-DIN Expanded | TrueType | D-DINExp.ttf

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