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by Alex Slobzheninov
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Subjectivity is a display font family, closely related to the Objectivity typeface. It is a strange experimental typeface that has a geometric skeleton and unusual features. These tails in letters like the a, j, y and t might remind you of calligraphy or hand scripts. The contrast is unique – the thin fonts are monolinear, and the bolder it gets, the higher the contrast. Subjectivity also has a brother – Subjectivity Serif. The tiny serifs only appear in lowercase, and their shape and size are exactly the same everywhere – in every letter, in every weight. Subjectivity can work perfectly in pair with it’s “normal” brother Objectivity. The font family comes in 8 weights, 16 styles, 347 glyphs per font.

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SIL Open Font License - OFL (Free for Commercial Use)

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23 September, 2018

32 font files

Subjectivity Black style Subjectivity Black | OpenType | Subjectivity-Black.otf
Subjectivity Black Slanted style Subjectivity Black Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-BlackSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Bold style Subjectivity Bold | OpenType | Subjectivity-Bold.otf
Subjectivity Bold Slanted style Subjectivity Bold Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-BoldSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Extra Bold style Subjectivity Extra Bold | OpenType | Subjectivity-ExtraBold.otf
Subjectivity Extra Bold Slanted style Subjectivity Extra Bold Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-ExtraBoldSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Light style Subjectivity Light | OpenType | Subjectivity-Light.otf
Subjectivity Light Slanted style Subjectivity Light Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-LightSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Medium style Subjectivity Medium | OpenType | Subjectivity-Medium.otf
Subjectivity Medium Slanted style Subjectivity Medium Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-MediumSlanted.otf
Subjectivity style Subjectivity | OpenType | Subjectivity-Regular.otf
Subjectivity Slanted style Subjectivity Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-RegularSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Super style Subjectivity Super | OpenType | Subjectivity-Super.otf
Subjectivity Super Slanted style Subjectivity Super Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-SuperSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Thin style Subjectivity Thin | OpenType | Subjectivity-Thin.otf
Subjectivity Thin Slanted style Subjectivity Thin Slanted | OpenType | Subjectivity-ThinSlanted.otf
Subjectivity Serif Black Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Black Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Black-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Black style Subjectivity Serif Black | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Black.otf
Subjectivity Serif Bold Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Bold Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Bold-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Bold style Subjectivity Serif Bold | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Bold.otf
Subjectivity Serif Extra Bold Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Extra Bold Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-ExtraBold-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Extra Bold style Subjectivity Serif Extra Bold | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-ExtraBold.otf
Subjectivity Serif Light Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Light Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Light-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Light style Subjectivity Serif Light | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Light.otf
Subjectivity Serif Medium Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Medium Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Medium-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Medium style Subjectivity Serif Medium | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Medium.otf
Subjectivity Serif Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Regular-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif style Subjectivity Serif | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Regular.otf
Subjectivity Serif Super Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Super Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Super-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Super style Subjectivity Serif Super | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Super.otf
Subjectivity Serif Thin Slanted style Subjectivity Serif Thin Slanted | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Thin-Italic.otf
Subjectivity Serif Thin style Subjectivity Serif Thin | OpenType | SubjectivitySerif-Thin.otf

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