Inknut Antiqua Font

by Claus Eggers Sørensen
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»Inknut Antiqua« is an Antiqua typeface for literature and long-form text for languages using the Latin or Devanagari scripts. Approaching the idea of web-publishing as a modern day private press, it is designed to evoke Venetian incunabula and humanist manuscripts, but with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the kinds of typefaces you find in this artisanal tradition. It comes with a complement of typographical sorts and OpenType features for the purpose. The proportions of Inknut Antiqua make it well suited for low-resolution screens.

The Inknut (Terminalia Chebula), called »harad« in Hindi, is a nut-like fruit that can be used for ink making and is purported to cure blindness. The tree it grows from is native to the Indian sub-continent and south-east Asia.

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03 April, 2018

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Inknut Antiqua Light style Inknut Antiqua Light | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-Light.ttf
Inknut Antiqua style Inknut Antiqua | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-Regular.ttf
Inknut Antiqua Medium style Inknut Antiqua Medium | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-Medium.ttf
Inknut Antiqua SemiBold style Inknut Antiqua SemiBold | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-SemiBold.ttf
Inknut Antiqua Bold style Inknut Antiqua Bold | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-Bold.ttf
Inknut Antiqua ExtraBold style Inknut Antiqua ExtraBold | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-ExtraBold.ttf
Inknut Antiqua Black style Inknut Antiqua Black | TrueType | InknutAntiqua-Black.ttf

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